Conferences / Events


Conferences and meetings assist you in communicating your messages to the internal as well as external customers. Resultantly, you are able to strengthen your relationships with your clients. Sound objectives and an overhead projector do not satisfy your present day audience. Today, they expect fascinating venues, knowledgeable presentations, low priced and modernistic packaging along with an impressionable stay and tempting food. We, as a team, work with your aims and produce conferences unique to your organization. These exclusive conferences make people attentive and updated. We aid you with conference management services, like pre conference arrangements, stage and production work and post conference arrangements, by working with you as a catalyst from the conceptualization stages to the feedback stages.


Pre Conference Arrangement


We help you select premier destinations, from fascinating luxury hotels to magnificent convention centres, Indian or international, suiting your needs. Our team spends time and effort finding incomparable venue for your program. Negotiating for offering the best reasonable conference package to you, without compromising the value and the quality of service, is our specialty. Our budget planning tools guide you to plan your conference within your stipulated cost. Designing exceptional creative invitations, exclusive brochures and follow up pledge cards highlighting your brand and objectives is the challenge we undertake. If required, we arrange clothing of all types for all the climates. Make your conference a special one!!Create enthusiasm while the event is in progression, deliver in depth analysis to your message and generate an imperishable impact. Allow us to understand your theme.

Stage and Production Work


We do Conference venue branding by producing Graphics and Banners, from huge independent freestanding to directional signs and logos, in different sizes using varied materials. Displaying these in an unequaled manner reflects the key features of the conference. Excellent audio video equipments make your presentations amazing. Icebreakers and energizers play a vital role in bonding delegates, important for attaining your requisite results. We suggest the most applicable activities for adding energy to your conference. Our registration desk being readily available to your guests help them sort their queries, from monitoring their arrival to informing them about programme’s itinerary, and making them comfortable. Also, we arrange the best suited accommodation for your guests. Making your stage enlightening makes your conference exceptional.

Post Conference Arrangements


We make dinners peculiar for your guests by organizing dinners possessing distinctive themes. Varied cultural performances being part of the dinner reflect cultural harmony of one of the most diverse countries possessing 28 states, 22 national state languages, 10 religions, India. Rich experience and extensive database of our ticketing experts help us arrange customized deals for your guests from the airlines. Understanding travel to be an imperative part of your expenditure, we administer all modes of transport, land, air and sea, from arranging tickets to drivers.